Viper – Foosball Table Brand Owned by GLD products

GLD has started as a manufacturer (check out our list of foosball table manufacturers) of Darts (hence the Great Lakes Darts name).

It all began in 1981. Five friends (and business partners as well) decided to make their bar more popular. Darts game was already growing in popularity at that time. They capitalized on this and started manufacturing of dart games after the first 100$ investment. As a result of their efforts and push in the industry, soon every local establishment had a darts league of their own.

Great Lakes Darts changed location several times before settling in Muskego, Wisconsin (Currently, they own a 60 000 square feet warehouse in Muskego).

One of their main advantages is fast prototyping, innovation, and the most important – willingness to take risks.

What innovation did GLD bring to the table?

GLD invested a lot of time & effort into developing a soft tip darts to be used with electronic dartboards. Electronic dartboards meant that you no longer need to take score manually, the pace of the game increased. Electronic dartboards became very popular among casual players.

Since then, GLD started offering a range of products from pool tables to foosball tables (foosball tables sold under the Viper brand name).

Company information

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Address: GLD Products, S84 W19093 Enterprise Drive, Muskego, WI 53150
USA Phone: 1 (262) 679-8730 or 1 (800) 225-7593
Fax: 1 (262) 679-8738 or 1 (800) 841-6944 Email: [email protected]

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