Shelti / Gold Standard Games – More than 65 years of expertise

Shelti (Gold Standard Games) is a well-established brand producing foosball tables. For the first 50 years of its existence (under the name Gold Standard Games), it was mostly known for producing quality coin-operated pool tables.

Mark Robbins (former air hockey world champion mostly known for reviving the air hockey popularity in the ’80s) acquired Shelti in 2010. Since then, Gold Standard Games broadened its inventory and now offers much more than just pool tables. Air hockey? Foosball? Darts? You name it – Shelti probably already manufactures it. Check out the range of products yourself on their website.

Quick fact: The building which Gold Standard Games occupies now in 2019 has already been producing arcade games for over 70 years!

Take a look at Shelti factory in Michigan:

Let’s take a look at how a foosball table by Shelti looks like! 

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