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3 Foosball Shots You Need to Master to Become a Pro

If you’re passionate about foosball, chances are that you will eventually want to look for the best ways to effectively improve your game by learning what are the best foosball shots. By learning the advanced shots, you may dare to play against more experienced players and win.

Starting to show off your skills and actually becoming a professional table soccer player depends quite a lot upon how motivated and patient you are when it comes to this game. Sometimes, it is necessary to refine the strategies that you put into action during matches.

Like the greatest squash player of all time, Jahangir Khan, said:

Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional.

A great way to start doing this is by getting to know the following table football shots and acknowledging the importance practice has to start feeling what it’s like playing like a pro. And of course, eventually turn yourself into one.

Tic-tac shot

This shooting strategy is easy to remember thanks of its name! The Tic-Tac trick consists of passing the ball from side to side between two or three foosmen that are placed on the same row and surprise your rival by attempting a goal shot when he expects it the least.

The interesting part of this approach in particular is trying to master the stability of the ball. The ability to maintain the control of the ball while you quickly move it back and forth takes patience and lots of practice. Once you’re good at it, you’ll want to wait for the moment your competitor expects the least and go for it.

Pull shot

Accomplished with the offensive bar #3, which is the one with 3 foosball men at your disposition, this shot can be done with the middleman.

As the name of this shot suggests, it’s performed by pulling the ball towards your direction, holding it as far as possible to the foosball table wall that is closest to you, and then rapidly shooting it towards the opposite goalkeeper.

This is definitely a strategy that may require a bit more mental agility due to how fast and well-planned each move must be for its success.

The foos shot

A “foos” happens when you block a goal from your contender and return it to their side by attempting to put the ball pass their goal-line – basically kicking it back. Setting up this shot takes paying proper attention during the game, and trying to anticipate your opponent’s actions as much as possible.

Table football shot

Which foosball shot will you try next?

Keeping an eye out, taking action at the right time and choosing the proper technique are the main factors you should remember before attempting any of these shots. If you master them, they will become a key to your success and growth as a player.

So, which technique will be the one you’ll try during your next match to surprise your competitors and the spectators around? Leave your comment!

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