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5 Steps to Organizing Your Own Foosball Tournament

Table football can be considered a simple home sport, but it may actually become a very competitive game that’ll make you want to keep leveling up and organize your own foosball tournament. It is a great way to get more guys to practice with and learn from surrounding yourself with people that share the same passion.

Creating a group of local players to make them attend a tournament organized by you requires that you pay a lot of attention to small details. This probably won’t be much of a problem if you’re really passionate about this game.

With the following guide, you’ll be able to run a table soccer tournament of your own quite easily. The best part is that you can always come back to check it out in case you feel like you’re skipping an important part of the process.

1. Choose an optimal date and time for the tournament

Begin with checking the calendar and consider what would be the best day of the week and time for the tournament to start. You should consider all the factors that could influence the attendance rate.

Among the few things that should be kept in mind when deciding which day the tournament will take place, there’s the availability of both the possible participants and the venue that you choose.

2. Find the right venue

The right place to host your own foosball tournament will depend on how many participants there’ll be. From there, you can start by considering the local venues that would be perfect for the event.

You’ll also want to make sure to list the essentials items needed for the tournament for you to rent or purchase. This applies especially if you select a venue that doesn’t have enough foosball tables and accessories for the tournament.
To make sure the spectators and players have a great time in between matches you can place a snack table in the room. And don’t forget the napkins!

gameamigos foosball stadium
A place like this would be ideal!

3. Figure out the winner recognition

At this point, you’ll want to decide what the winner will take. Will it be a trophy? A cash reward? A medal? Think of the compensation the players should look up to, this can have an impact on their motivation and performance.

Rewarding the achievement of the winner or top players of the tournament can also be an attractive thing that’ll draw people to sign up for the tournament. After all, it’s been proven that recognition has a positive impact on people.

The good idea is to find sponsors that would be willing to give money or prizes in exchange for the promo at your tournament.

tournament trophy

4. Establish clear rules and tournament brackets

One of the most critical steps in organizing your own table soccer tournament is that you set and communicate the rules clearly. You can do that by reading them out loud or having them available for the players to see before the event starts.

Organizing the participants into groups can vary according to the number of players. The categories they belong to should depend on how skilled they are.

5. Advertise!

Finally, spread the word to all the possible participants in the area. Think about who might be interested and reach out to them. Keep in mind that you should highlight the rewards or benefits of the tournament.

Some of the best and most effective ways to promote the tournament are creating a Facebook event and sharing the info on foosball related forums and websites (avoid spamming!). Another good idea is to hand out flyers in local pubs and bars.

Ready to run your own foosball tournament?

Now that you know the steps that you should be following in order to organize a foosball tournament of your own, you can go ahead and start doing the research.

An important thing to remember during this process is that it is the details that make up the whole. Attention to the smallest things and planning ahead can guarantee that the attendees of the event and yourself have a great experience.

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