Kick Foosball Table Company

kick foosball table

Kick is a popular foosball table brand known for their affordable foosball tables.

They call themselves revolutionizers in the foosball table industry due to their pricing policy. Foosball tables have been known to cost thousands for years. Kick modernized manufacturing methods, and brought those savings to their customers. (which is understandable – as one of the fresher players on the market they had to undercut their competitors in terms of pricing).

Who benefits the most when competition rises? The customer.

Kick company was established by a 25-year veteran of foosball, currently leading a team of engineers to produce tables that are both cost-effective, and quality made.

Lifetime warranty?

Yeah, that’s right. KICK is so sure of the quality of their tables that they decided to offer a lifetime warranty on all their foosball tables! On top of that, they also offer free same-day shipping on tables and their accessories.

Other pros include a public telephone number you can call for help and a live chat with their representative on their website (perfect if you need some quick help).

Where is the company located?

Kick sporting goods, LLC is based in Texas, and its current owner is Asif Ali. If you are interested in the KICK trademark in detail, check out this page.

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