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How to play Human Foosball and What it Actually is? (Quick Guide)

The original intention behind foosball tables (Check out our list of the top ones) was to create a smaller sized version of soccer. It ended up getting popular as a table game that can be played by almost everyone. Recently, human foosball stepped in to give a complete twist to this concept.

Passionate table soccer players came up with the idea of taking this exciting, fast-paced and competitive game to a whole new level. Human foosball allows more people to play at the same time and experience a first-person view of table soccer.

What is human foosball about?

A life-size soccer table is usually built by replacing the table walls for wooden pallets. Of course, human creativity is limitless and walking up to a hardware store can give you more ideas.

In case you prefer to avoid the whole do-it-yourself process, you can always look for a place where to play human foosball, or also rent an inflatable field.

Some people are passionate about tackling DIY projects, but others…not so much. And there’s nothing wrong about it!

In human foosball, a tiny foosball is replaced with real soccer ball and the table rods get substituted for plastic pipes that have been put together to form long rods for players to grasp onto. And of course, the plastic men are replaced with real people 🙂

This bigger-sized version of the game keeps the same rules as the standard one, however, there are slight differences in the matches. The participants must kick the ball while holding onto the pipe or rod that corresponds to their team. They shouldn’t move further than 2 feet to avoid bumping against the teammate next to them.

The number of people that can participate varies according to the type of formation that you decide to go for. Usually, it ranges between 10 and 18 participants.

Also, any player substitutions must happen in between goals and resets. Similarly to the tabletop version, if the ball gets knocked out of the field or there’s a goal, it just needs to get put back into play.

Is human foosball safe?

There is almost no running involved in this version of “football” and that’s one of the major reasons why it is a much safer activity than most of the other sports.

A few safety measures could be considered anyway. Since players could crash into each other by accident or get hit by the ball. Also, weather becomes an element that should be taken into account if the game is being carried out in a roofless area, in this scenario, participants should also be careful of slippery grass.

Ready to have some human-sized foosball fun?

If at some point you ended up wondering what it must be like to be one of those small plastic men after coming across a soccer table, this quick guide just gave you the basic knowledge on how to play human foosball.

Already thinking of making this happen by gathering up what could be seen as a considerable amount of friends or family members?

Let us know if you’ve ever been a part of a life-sized version of foosball before by leaving a comment below!

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