DIY Mini Foosball Table in 3 Easy Steps

DIY Mini Foosball Table in 3 Easy Steps

Crafting a fun, functioning product with your own hands can bring a satisfying feeling. Today we have great news for all the DIY enthusiasts because in this article we’ll show you how easy it is to make a mini foosball table from scratch and with supplies that you probably already have somewhere around at home.

There are incredible reasons DIY projects are good for you, and the self-satisfaction of successfully completing a project you’ve done from scratch can even make it feel more valuable to you. After all, you’ve put it together yourself and that involved your effort and time. Even if we’re talking about something as simple as assembling a mini foosball table.

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Now that you have a better idea of how good building something as from scratch will make you feel, let’s get into the (very simple and straightforward) process that shouldn’t take longer than a few hours to complete. Here’s a checklist of the items you need:

  • A shoebox
  • 4 wooden or plastic dowels
  • 10 wooden or plastic clothespins
  • One or a few ping pong balls
  • Clear tape or glue

shoebox clothespins

How to make a foosball table out of a shoebox

Step #1: Cut out goal areas

The first thing you’ll have to do is get an old box of shoes and get started by taking off the lid and cutting out both goal areas. One thing you should keep in mind while doing this is not to make them too big, so try your best to cut out two medium-sized rectangular shapes on both ends of the box. (Don’t make the game too easy!)

Step #2: Drawing the field

This is actually an optional point, but if you’re looking to truly get the impression of a mini foosball field then you shouldn’t skip it! Table football is a smaller sized version of a real soccer field, and in this case, we’re going to make it even tinier. So, get a marker and add the lines to replicate a real field.

Creativity at this time can pay off with a great looking end result. For example, you could also get some green felt, cut it the size of the bottom of the box, glue it down and then mark the field over it with some white paint.

Step #3: Making the holes for the rods

Next stage is about determining the positions for the foosball men (in this case, proudly represented by your clothespins), to do this, grab the dowels and put them on top of the box to carefully measure the gap that the 4 of them should have between each other while staying centered, at a correct distance and resembling the ones from a full-sized table soccer as much as possible.

After the dowels are in place, go ahead and clip in two foosball men on the rods closest to the goal area (making both sides have two goalkeepers) and 3 in the rods that cover the middle area of the box or the center part of the mini football field. Making it a total of 10 players distributed in a fair way.

Then, using a pen or a pencil, poke a hole for the first dowel to be put in, be extra careful with the distance between the clothespins and the bottom of the box, make sure that you’ll be able to swing them without making the base of the clothespins hit the box. Subsequently make equally spaced out holes that are directly across from each other, to finally stick in the dowels and place the clothespins again.

That’s it!

Finally, you’ll just need to throw a ping pong ball in there so you and your friend can start living the experience of playing with a mini foosball table and of course, get the joy that humans feel with tiny things.

You already know how to assemble a mini foosball table, ready to start?

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