Harvard Foosball Table Company

Unfortunately, the fame of the Harvard® brand has faded. Harvard brand has been discontinued and you won’t find any foosball table under that brand on Amazon or other popular online stores anymore.

We reached out to the new owner (ESCALADE) of the Harvard® brand for comment, and here’s their answer:

Thank you for reaching out to us. We acquired Harvard a few years ago and discontinued the brand. We no longer have parts for those tables anymore. I don’t believe any tables were rebranded but we did take the good parts of Harvard and incorporate them into our brand of tables.

Harvard game table company – what is the history of this once famous foosball table maker?

Harvard Sports, Inc. began as Crown Recreation (West), Inc and was later acquired by ESCALADE, Inc., which owns it to this day. ESCALADE also holds the rights to use the trademark Harvard®, under which it famous foosball tables were sold until they were discontinued.

The engineers at Harvard Sports did a good job designing their products. As a result, Harvard Sports is a holder of three patents:

The first one was acquired on January 17, 1989, for the “Basketball goal height adjustment apparatus” (inventors Dadbeh; Bemanali H.).

The second patented invention was a “Lawn dart with safety feature” acquired in 1991.

Their last patented invention on December 1991 was a “Collapsible basketball goal apparatus“.

Harvard Sports, Inc., together with patents it held, was later acquired by ESCALADE.

Timeline of acquisitions by ESCALADE, current owner of Harvard Sports, Inc.


Acquisition of Harvard Table Tennis, Inc., a Massachusetts manufacturer of table tennis accessories.


Acquisition of Harvard Sports, Inc. (formerly Crown Recreation (West), Inc.) a Californian manufacturer of game tables.


 Harvard Table Tennis, Inc. consolidated with Harvard Sports, Inc.

ESCALADE began as a small footwear company in 1922 with the name “The Williams Manufacturing Company”. They went through many changes and many acquisitions to become what they are today. If you want to dive deep into its history, check this out.

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