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What Are the Typical Foosball Table Dimensions?

It would be a real shame to buy a foosball table and then not have enough space for it. Of course, it’s not just about fitting the table to your room (just don’t forget to keep enough space for players!). Foosball table size will affect the gameplay, comfort of the players around the table, and even how many players can play at once (Yes, there’s that one foosball table that can hold 424 players at once, we’ll get back to it)!

Typical foosball table dimensions

The most typical (I.e. full size) foosball table is 56 inches long, 30 inches wide and 36 inches tall. A table of this size contains 8 metal rods with foosmen. This is the official competition foosball table size required by ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation).

foosball table dimensions infographic

A standard foosball table will either have 8 or 10 foosmen for each team.
The only difference is whether the goalie rod will have one goalie or three players. Both are being used in competitions around the world.
What is a 3 player goalie rod good for?
It was done to prevent dead spots on the table unreachable by foosmen. Tables with only one goalie have to deal with this by placing inclined planes in the corners to prevent the ball from staying there forever. The not so nice side-effect is that the ball can shoot off from the table (Only if your shot is really strong), and the movement of the ball on those slopes doesn’t resemble a real soccer field.

Another commonly used length is 48 inches. This size offers great gameplay but reduced space requirements. Great choice for smaller rooms and tighter spaces. Some leagues set this soccer tables size as their official dimension (And you can make your own tournament if you wish).

Does size matter?

When it comes to foosball tables, trust me, it does. If you want to enjoy the real play, definitely go for the 56 or 48 inches model. If you just need an occasional fun (and some social and health benefits too!), then feel free to go with the smaller table, but it’s very possible that you will be craving for a bigger one soon.

Longest foosball table world record

foosball guiness world record

The longest foosball table ever was manufactured in Italy and was awarded a Guinness world record prize on 24 September of 2015. It was 398 feet (121.40 m) long with a place for 424 players. This foosball table was actually longer than a normal football field!

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The world's longest foosball table vs. Big Ben

  • World record foosball table: 398 feet (121.40 m)
  • Big Ben: 315 feet (96m)

What about small tables?

The smallest table we found is CHH 20 in. Mini Foosball Table. It is just 20 inches long and has only 4 rods. While it might be fun to play, we prefer the “real” full-size tables.

If you would love to create your own mini foosball table, check out our DIY foosball table guide (it’s made out of a shoebox!)

Final tips

When planning to buy a foosball table, think of it as a piece of furniture. A quality table can easily weight more than 150 pounds. That’s not something you would like to move often! Consider the design to match the styling of your room. When measuring space for your table, don’t forget to keep enough space for protruding rods and players!

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