The Most Famous Foosball Table Companies

List of Most Famous Foosball Table Manufacturers

Here’s a list of the most famous foosball table manufacturers on the planet! Some have more than 60 years of experience and plenty of famous foosball tables under their name, while others are pretty fresh and brought a new wind into the game of foosball.

Tornado -Tornado Table Sports was a company manufacturing all kinds of sport tables since the 1970. In 1999, it was merged with Valley Recreation Products and Dynamo Corp. in what would later become the Valley-Dynamo LLC (bought by Brunswick Corporation). This company was later sold to Kelye Stites, owner of Champion Shuffleboard Ltd.

Kick Sporting Goods, LLC – Company dedicated only to foosball tables. Its mission is to provide cheaper but quality foosball tables to the general public. Kick was founded and is located in Texas. Check out our list of TOP 5 foosball tables from Kick.

Harvard Sports, Inc. – Unfortunately, this once famous brand has been discontinued. The best features of Harvard foosball tables became a part of a new lineup under ESCALADE company.

Hathaway Games and Sports – A brand owned by Blue Wave Products, Inc. They offer a range of products from foosball tables, pool tables to dart boards.

Harvil – This brand is currently owned by Dazadi. Dazadi was started in 2002 by a family who enjoyed playing ping-pong, foosball and other games so much, they decided to share their joy with others. Actually, check out their whole (lovely) story right here.

Warrior – Warrior Table Soccer inc. has developed professional yet affordable foosball tables. Their product is the official table of the Professional Foosball Tour.

Viper – Viper brand is currently owned by GLD products (Great Lakes Darts). Recently GLD has been using another brand from their portfolio for foosball table branding, its name is Fat Cat.

Shelti, Inc. / Gold Standard Games – Game table manufacturer with more than 65 years of experience. Currently based in Michigan. The company that preceded Shelti made some of the world’s best coin-operated pool tables.

“Gold Standard Games builds recreational games for the home and sophisticated electronic games for the coin-op industry, including the Gold Standard Games air hockey tables, Pro Foos foosball tables, Bayside pool tables, Shelti Eye2 electronic dartboard, and the new Shelti RD online communicating dart game.”

Bonzini – A manufacturer of high-quality premium foosball tables. Those tables are often customizable, with customer-defined colors and look of players.

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