foosball cleaning and maintenance

Foosball Table Cleaning and Maintenance

foosball table cleaning

It’s important to learn how to properly clean and maintain the foosball table you’ve invested in, and, really, it also isn’t too difficult to understand. Regular cleaning sessions are a key part of helping you keep it in top playing condition and also have a long-lasting hobby that may help you feel more healthy, happier, and productive.

Let’s face it, a regularly-used table is going to get dirty. The importance of cleaning it greatly relays on maintaining it for the years to come, but also because you’ll stop potentially harmful bacteria to run riot across it. Keep in mind that it isn’t necessary to clean it too often.

The importance of a clean foosball table

We could agree that a slow game is a lot less fun, especially table soccer. A dirty playing field and unmaintained rods could negatively influence the smoothness of the game experience.

If you’ve ever been in a pub with a foosball table just for fun and don’t really care about it, you probably noticed squeaking rods which are difficult to move, wobbly legs, or dirty glass (foosball tables in pubs often have glass-covered playing area, with a coin machine using which you can purchase balls to play with).

Also, depending on how often they get used, the balls can easily gather dirt and dust. The importance of having a clean foosball ball doesn’t just rely on it looking better, it’ll actually be easier for your eyes to follow it during the fast-paced matches.

Recommended products

Certain cleaning products contain chemicals that could severely harm the playfield, damage the rods or other parts. So, we’ll keep it as simple as it is, to end up with a spotless unit you’ll only need to use a few, safe products:

The multitasking ability of cleaning cloths is undeniable. This handy cleaning agent can leave almost any surface in your home spotless, including the playing field of your foosball table. In most cases, there isn’t a further need for using supplies loaded with harmful chemicals.

Next up we have rubbing alcohol (not to be confused with ethyl alcohol), one of the most common and widely used disinfectants. Also known as isopropyl alcohol, it’s recommended to use 70% – 90% solutions.

The reason for that is because once alcohol concentration is below 50% the usefulness for disinfection drops notably.

Cleaning stages

In many aspects of life, preparing in advance and being organized can help you save precious hours of your day, and… This isn’t the exception. We’ve prepared a few steps that you can follow each time you plan to clean your foosball table:

  1. Grab the can of compressed air: Start off by taking the can of compressed air and blowing away any dust particles around every inch of the playing surface. Pay extra attention to the hard-to-reach spots and corners since those are usually where you’ll find the most dust build-up.

    This quick and easy step can lead to a notably improved overall appearance and health of your unit.

  2. Wipe the table clean: Next, you should get a clean and dry cloth to start wiping down any loose dust and debris laying on the surface of the playing field. Following, keep cleaning every part of your unit, including the rod handles, the foosball men, and any spot with noticeable dirt or spillage.
  3. When rubbing alcohol is necessary: Rubbing alcohol is convenient when you come across hard-to-remove dirty spots. It only takes applying a little bit to your cleaning cloth and passing it over the areas you’d like to have clean as a button (including the foosballs).

    We’re making emphasis on dabbing just a little bit of alcohol because using the right quantity will make it evaporate quickly and leave no smell or undesired residues.

    You might notice that the most occurring problem that can happen to your table is food or drink getting spilled onto it while playing. In this case, you have to act fast and get a cloth to soak up the liquid.

    To avoid any stains, it would be necessary to apply some rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and start wiping down the surfaces of the table that have been affected.

  4. Lubricating the rods (extremely important!): The finishing stage consists in applying a slick finish to the rods for smoother turns and a fast game (Don’t skip this!). Get a separate cloth or cotton rag and put a small amount of silicone lubricant on it, remember that it should only be a little so you don’t get slippery rods in return.

    It is highly recommended to avoid using WD-40 on the rods. This will seem to work at first, but it’ll only make the move faster for only a short period of time and end up degrading the rods over time by drying out the bumpers and bearings.

Scheduling regular clean-ups

How often you need to clean your foosball table will depend on the use it gets. Odds are that you’re using it frequently, so it will wear down as you do. Generally, you should keep a close eye on your unit so you can notice when it is in need of some maintenance. To determine how regularly you should clean your table you can start by keeping track of the times you use it:

  • Is it used continuously and often? Consider cleaning it once a week.
  • Do you use it recreationally, once in a while or on social occasions? Cleaning it once a month should do the trick.

A little cautiousness is very convenient, particularly when it comes to preventing your unit from getting dirty. You can reduce the chances of unwanted liquids or food on the playing surface or other parts of the unit by setting a no-snack or drink around the table policy.

Getting a table cover is also a great solution for maintaining a well-kept table free of unwanted dirt or debris, spilled drinks, pet hair and more.

Caring for your investment

As you might have noticed at this point, it doesn’t take much to take proper care of the unit you’ve spent your money in. If you follow these tips and tricks, you will take care of your foosball table, possibly extend its lifespan and, of course, experience lots of amazing games with a table that won’t let you down.

Don’t forget to clean your foosmen too!

You can use the same technique as for cleaning the playing surface. Don’t forget that a foosball table is often an essential part of the room, a piece of furniture, you better keep it clean! 🙂

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