Foosball Table Accessories

The Most Useful Foosball Table Accessories

Soccer tables may look simple at first sight, but once you get into this sport, you’ll start noticing details that may make a huge difference in the overall game experience.

Some of the most important things to consider when buying a foosball table are the weight, size, the number of goalies, whether the men are counter-balanced or not, quality of leg levelers, and many other…You can check our foosball table buying guide that will help you with this process.

Once you’ve chosen one that fits your budget and suits your needs, you might want to consider getting some accessories that will improve the game experience and help with your foosball table maintenance.

Here we’ve listed a few foosball accessories that you could need for your table:

1. Rod lubricant

Lubricants are substances that reduce friction, and lubrication is very important if you want to preserve the quality and smoothness of the game. Ensuring that the rods on your table are properly clean and maintained can help improve the speed and performance, ultimately providing players a great game experience.

If you haven’t bought a soccer table just yet, check if the manufacturer includes some type of lubricant with the purchase (at times they may include it only by request, so watch for that!).

If you own a mountain bike, chance is that you already own a silicone spray used for maintaining the fork suspension. Silicone is a great lubricant for foosball table rods!

2. Extra foosballs

Even if you’re extra careful, the small soccer balls might get lost quite frequently depending on where the table is placed. Also, the balls coming in the package with the foosball table are usually not of very high quality. 

They can be easily damaged during intense games. Therefore, it is a good idea to get extra balls for your table. There’s nothing worse than a ball that doesn’t roll evenly! This renders all passes very hard to accomplish.

If you take the game seriously or are planning a table soccer tournament, you’ll want to get reliable, high-quality foosballs that can endure strong hits, have a nice weight and are made out of a good material.

3. Handle wraps

Handle wraps are most frequently used by professional players because they make your foosball shots more effective. Of course, handle wraps can improve the game experience for participants of any skill level by removing undesired moisture and ensuring a better grip to get full control of the game.

Pay attention to wrapping all of your rods (and watching out not to leave any gaps) for you to fully enjoy the advantages that these have, especially if the table doesn’t include no-slip handles. We recommend to get more packages so that you don’t run out of them before covering all the grips properly.

4. Table cover

Foosball table cover is especially useful for outdoor soccer tables, but can be used for indoor tables too to protect them from dust and other unwanted particles. The cover will aid in keeping the surface clean and safe from damage.

5. Game rules poster

Keeping the basic rules for any game or maybe the guidelines that you’ve set for your own table soccer tournament is a nice idea to guarantee that everyone is on the same page, and even avoid any unwanted inconveniences for miscommunication.


These important additions can greatly enhance and maintain the quality of your foosball table.

Do you know any other accessories that have significantly improved the power of your soccer table? Do you have any experience with any of these accessories? Leave your comment!

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