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Bonzini – Foosball Table Manufacturer

Bonzini, a manufacturer of quality premium foosball tables. Being a french company, they like to call foosball “babyfoos”. All Bonzini tables have a unique and elegant design.  The fact that it’s one of the brands used in ITSF World Championships serves as an evidence to these claims.

If there’s one thing that that stands above the competition, except for the quality of manufacturing and design, then it’s the ability to customize your babyfoos table when ordering.

Bonzini was established in 1927 in France by Joseph Bonzini, a carpenter from Italy and a mechanic Mr. Sopransi, also from Italy.

The first official name of the company was Bonzini & Sopransi – General Mechanics and Industrial Joinery. They manufactured a range of products, from automotive and space industry parts to leisure games or automatic machines.

First manufactured babyfoos table

The first babyfoos table was manufactured in 1935. It was not only a precision manufactured piece of gaming equipment but was considered a part of the furniture.  The table did well on both fronts thanks to the carpentry and precision mechanics knowledge of two founders.

Company grew bigger with the arrival of Raymond Bergaglia (a nephew of Joseph Bonzini).

Family business continues

In 1950, Joseph’s nephew Raymond Bergaglia took over the family business and developed a range of new foosball table models.

In 1952, the company introduced a new model called B53 – which started a new era of Bonzini babyfoos tables. The most innovative feature was telescopic bars (prevented a lot of injuries and were super convenient) and aluminium players screwed to the rod. The whole table including all parts and materials was created in France.

bonzini table b53

Famous B53 – The beginning of the modern era babyfoos tables by Bonzini

History of Bonzini


The company was established in 1927 in France. It initially focused on precision engineering and furniture manufacturing.


First babyfoos foosball table manufactured successfully combining both precision mechanics and carpentry skills of two founders.


Bonzini began to focus on the leisure industry by producing a wide range of foosball tables, or  “Babyfoot” games as they liked to call it at the time.


First B53 babyfoot table was manufactured, a pioneer table of the new Bonzini range with many innovations. B53 came with, highly appreciated, telescopic bars.


The iconic coin operated B60 was released. About 95% of nearly 250 000 cafes in France are equipped with B60 coin operated babyfoos table.


Cribbs Inc. became the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Bonzini France product line of foosball game tables.

“ To date, we are the only player owned and operated importer and distributor of foosball tables in the U.S. Simply put, we are our own customer and understand the needs of both residential and commercial markets.”

Bonzini is definitely not the only company manufacturing foosball tables – check out our list of foosball table manufacturers.

How does a game on a Bonzini table look like?

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