5 Pre-Match Tips Foosball

5 Pre-Match Tips for your Next Foosball Game

If we want to be successful in certain activity, we must prepare adequately and be persistent. In order to maximize performance, it is important to train correctly, learn a lot, and surround yourself with as many resources and useful tips as possible. A good training is important especially if you want to stop pre-game nerves from getting to your head on your next foosball game.

When it comes to the right mindset to achieve optimal performance during your next table soccer challenge, there are lots of different, but equally important factors that, could lead to your win if taken into account.

So, whether you’re looking to beat your friends (That’s always a joy!) or you’re training to be part of a foosball tournament, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind before your foosball game:

1. Think positive

Achieving a positive mindset is the first thing that you should start working on during the pre-foosball game training process. Believing that you can think your way to success can influence the way you perform on your next game.

happy foosball player
Be positive as this foosman (isn't he?) Don't lose your hope even when the score doesn't look very promising!

The only person that can get complete control over your thoughts is yourself, so focusing on attracting the win that you’re looking for is key to your success in the match.Here’s one thing to remember: Thoughts are powerful, and that’s the main idea of this pre-match tip – successfully stopping that annoying negative self-talk that’ll only make yourself feel more stressed. Trying to let go of insecurities isn’t easy, but trusting your skills and capabilities will help you be more supportive of yourself. 

In fact, I know many people that get very nervous when losing, their hands start to shake and it visibly affects their gameplay. Instead of focusing on what they can do the best, they start to do risky and stupid stuff usually resulting in even more received goals.

stretching in the office

2. Relax your body and mind

Feeling tense or having stiff muscles before a game isn’t a good signal. In order to feel relaxed and at ease try a couple of stretching workouts that can also help relieve stress.

You might have a hard time accomplishing this if you have a tight schedule, but even with a quick stretch workout of less than 6 minutes you could lower your nervousness and assist your body and mind to feel less pressure before the match.

3. Focus on your goal

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just looking forward to showing off the skills you’ve worked so hard and with so much effort for the past weeks, or you have your eyes on winning a trophy of big significance for you or cash reward on a foosball tournament.

It’s important that you visualize your goal clearly in your head and don’t let yourself get distracted with what you’re afraid could go wrong.


4. Concentrate on the game

It’s not that easy to think about other things while playing foosball, but make sure that you give your full attention to the game even during the breaks.

As you may already know, foosball is a game that requires a lot of concentration and brain agility so don’t let yourself distracted by your surroundings.

In order to beat your competitors, you should prioritize focusing on the moment. This way, you’ll make sure that the moves and techniques you perform are done at the right time.

5. Enjoy the match

Last but not least (and probably the most important tip in this list) – have fun!

Even though you might not play on the best foosball table available, enjoy the game no matter what. Don’t let the small issues of the foosball table spoil your game!

Table soccer is a very entertaining sport (yes, it’s a sport!) that also turns out to be incredibly competitive, which is one of the many traits that make it so fun.

No matter how the game will end (or how badly you’ll lose), don’t forget to enjoy the game.

Use these tips before your next foosball game

Table football is more than just turning a few bars and hope for the best, properly preparing yourself mentally and physically for your next match can play a big role in the outcome of your next match, even if you just play it recreationally or professionally.

Got any more tips you’d love to share with the foosball community? Leave yours below!

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